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The Casting Invoice Contact Artist Producer Audition Accounting Promotion Planning Tools you deserve


All in 1 toolbox for Artist Managements

A small selection of the tools we include in Managemyartists:

  • Casting Tools
  • Artist & Producer Profiles
  • Invoice Generation (based on your Contracts)
  • Financial overview & forecast
  • Contract Generation
  • Promotion & Newsletter generation
  • Tasks & Reminders generation
  • Mail Tracking
  • More

All the tools, 1 flat Price

Don't waste money on 6 services when you only need 1., 6 services - 1 flat price .


Built for you.


Use casting tools to find gaps in artist calendars and directly propose artists to producers.


Generate contracts from casting proposals, check logistics, update contract progress.

Financial Admin

Predict income for the next season, generate invoices, track payments.


Use data to improve your company, monitor & analyze business decisions.

Web & Marketing

Generate newsletters, update your company website, view engagement statistics on your campaigns.

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